August 2017 - If you make less than $80,000/year, you could use this new way to connect with online schools. Be prepared for the future, get a degree and gain the security you've always wanted.
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There are grants available like the Federal Pell Grant available to financially needy students, whose household income is less than $80,000 a year, for up to $5,920 (2017-18 School year) if they qualify. More info:

The use of "top" on all ClassesUSA websites and marketing materials refers to the US Department of Education's school rankings by estimated 2011 enrollments - IPEDS Datacenter - where data can be obtained by "comparing institutions on a single variable" and then choosing to compare ALL US Institutions by Fall 2011 Estimated enrollment, and/or Distance Learning institutions and the 2014 U.S. News Best Collegiate Program Rankings where rankings can be obtained for specific online programs. Source:
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ClassesUSA is dedicated to matching you with schools and degrees to meet your education goals & objectives. We will connect you with admissions representatives who will help match you with programs of your choosing.
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